Welcome to Dr Heat Green Solid Fuels

Here at 'Dr Heat' our ethos is to supply good quality carbon neutral fuel products. Each product in its own way provides the consumer a green solution to alternative fossil fuels.

Materials sourced for our products are from renewable and sustainable sources. It is how we manage and source these products which make Dr Heat truly carbon neutral.

Through the growing cycle of the wood and miscanthus it is this period where they are absorbing vast quantities of carbon which in turn neutralizes the equation when burnt on your fire.

Our product range consists of heat logs made from wood, firelighters and BBQ fuel made from miscanthus grass.

Heat logs are made from 100% pure sawdust and shavings from a joinery workshop, processing timber products from sustainably managed forests.

Due to our unique production process that produces heat during manufacture these logs are denser than our compressed competitors and therefore do not expand when burnt.

Heat logs are ideal for Log burning stoves, open fires, chimnea, fire-pits, biomass boilers and canal boat stoves.

Dr Heat eco friendly firelighters are produced from miscanthus grass and recycled candle wax offering a natural alternative to the smelly kerosene option.

Quite often people's green efforts tend to go out the window when it comes to having a BBQ. Statistics show 60,000t of BBQ fuel is used in the UK and 85% of this is imported into the country with the majority of this coming from the other side of the world. Dr Heat BBQ Tablets are made from locally produced miscanthus grass making them the number one green carbon neutral choice. Our BBQ fuel comes with free natural firelighters included, offering an all in one green solution for your summer Barbie.