Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Timber heat logs?

They are carbon neutral, clean, easy to handle & store, do not spit or spark (important for open fires and fire pits), smoke free, leave very little ash. Also because they are clean burning your chimney will remain much cleaner and healthier this also means your wood burner glass remains clean.

Also they give up to three times the heat value of the same volume of firewood!

How long do they last?

This will depend on how much heat you need and the appliance you have. In trials Timber heat logs last around three times longer weight for weight than wood logs. This is because of the density and very low moisture content of between 4-8%. Seasoned wood logs at very best have a moisture content of 20%,average is around 30%, therefore heat is wasted driving off this moisture.

Are they cost effective?

Yes very much so, as they're longer lasting and give off more heat.

How do you stick the sawdust back together during log production?

During the manufacturing process the sawdust becomes heated and the natural lignin in the wood is released and it is this that binds the heat log back together.

Are they clean to handle?

Yes, unlike handling coal your hands will remain clean and there will be no mess left in the form of bark etc as from logs.

Where can I find them for sale?

We are currently compiling our list of stockists for this coming autumn / winter. In the meantime please use our Contact page to get in touch and we will guide you.