Heat Logs

Dr Heat Timber Heat Logs are made from wood shavings and sawdust from timber that comes from sustainably managed forestry. The idea of this product eliminates the need for disposal into landfill and inefficient haulage of the associated bulky material.

As a result of solving this problem we have developed the ultimate fuel for your appliance.

The Benefits of Timber Heat Logs are as follows:

Timber heat logs mix well with any other fuel, in particular wood, which it will help burn if unseasoned. Suitable for all appliances:

Timber Heat Logs are supplied in 10kg wrapped packs.

Large order on pallet

Tests show that compared to coal timber heat logs give off far more heat in the early stages of a fire (please see the graph on technical facts page). For today's busy lifestyle, if you're getting in late from a days work you need a fire that will deliver heat very fast and efficiently. Dr Heat timber heat logs are the number 1 choice giving you plenty of heating time before bed.

We are happy to deal direct to customers as well as the trade and will look forward to receiving your enquiry through our contact page. All size orders can be dealt with larger ones up to a pallet or more attracting the best price.

Heat log mixes with any other fuel, in particular wood, which it helps burn if unseasoned.