Technical Facts

When choosing which way you heat your home, consider these interesting facts:

Comparing a solid fuel stove appliance for warmth and hot water against the electrical alternative i.e. storage heaters and an immersion heater.

The average efficiency of coal fired power stations is only 20-30%, due to losses through power lines and heat during generation. So heating your home with electricity is much like filling your car with 100 litres of fuel, leaving the engine running until only 20-30 litres are remaining and then setting off on your journey!

Domestic heating using a wood burner is 80% efficient, making them the perfect choice for heating your home.

Together with an excellent, efficient, carbon neutral fuel such as Dr-Heat Timber Heat Logs, what better way to help fight global warming!

When choosing your winter fuel supply or a new heating system you must consider natures fuel production times:

Coalmillions of years
Oilmillions of years
Wood logs10+ years
Dr-Heat Firelighters (miscanthus)1 year
Dr-Heat BBQ Tablets (miscanthus)1 year
Dr-Heat Timber Heat Logs (waste recycled sawdust and shavings)0 years - Eliminate the need for land filling waste

How well do Timber Heat Logs compare against Coal?


Graph of Miscanthus heat output compared to coal and coalite
A comparative test to demonstrate the average radiant output was carried out by Jetmaster Fires Ltd to BS 3250 & 3376 when practical and appropriate.
Equipment used:
Homemaker Model 5/Controlled Burning Grate CBG/Blanking Plate fitted for "Heat log"/BCURA Radiameter Cage.

The above test concluded that over a set timed period, Dr Heat Timber Heat Logs produced 0.09kw more heat than coalite and 0.25kw more heat than standard coal.

Help reduce your carbon footprint further by ordering your Dr Heat supplies in bulk quantities.