“The heat logs are great - I recommend them to anyone who comes to the house! The firelighter are also quite excellent - far more efficient and less polluting than the awful petroleum based products.
Well done for coming up with this idea.”

Brian Trueman

“We're very happy with the heat logs - burn well and give off lots of heat - and of course they're easy to stack in the wood store!
We've probably got enough to last the rest of this winter and into next but will be back when we're running out.”

Sue Haverly

“I thought you would like to know how we are getting on together
I have decided that there is no way to do an accurate comparison with spending on ordinary logs this year because it has been so much colder and also I have been at home more being snowed off work - so not fair to do month by month comparison. I am hooked and will continue to buy Heatlogs because of several reasons

  1. Easy to deliver and stack - takes 20 minutes instead of 2 hours
  2. Saves time and mess -
  3. I load my log basket once a week now instead of every day
  4. I empty the ash pan once a week instead of 3 times
  5. There is hardly any ash spilt on the hearth so I don't have to sweep and mop it every time I light the fire
  6. The fire glass wipes clean with a damp paper towel, I used to scrub it every day with a scourer
  7. The fire lights properly every time and can be damped down so that I can go out in ten minutes from lighting where this used to take up to 40 minutes. Plus I know it will still be lit when I get home, which previously depended on the state of the logs put on it
All in all I'm very happy with them.”

Jackie Stagg